Band on the run!

Hi everyone in the world, happy New Year. The Tony giles Experience Winter tour is still on the road and happening. So far I have been to Berlin, germany for a brief weekend – there is a blog about that. Then it was off to iceland for a cool ride – essays about this adventure promised shortly! After that I hotted up in Sri Lanka for a month and I finished 2007 and began 2008 in sunny Spain. pictures from Sri Lanka will be on the website within the next 10 days. next the ban wagon goes back to Spain into Portugaul and onto Gibraltar and Morocco. The winter tour finishes in the US in March-April. I hope to meet many of you happy rock and roll travellers along the way. So if anyone happens to see a small, crazy, blind guy travelling around with a white cane looking lost, come say hi!! Rock and roll everyone Tony signing out.

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