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  1. Sandra Bao

    Hi Tony
    I watched your programme of your travels to Israel and Palestine today on the Travel Show. I really wish that the BBC would commission you to make a travel show series you are such a great narrator, your descriptions of your experiences are captivating! I have had a look through the countries that you have visited. I have a question for you, when will you visit China? For a full on sensory experience I think you would be impressed. something to think about in the New Year – especially Chinese New Year! Anyway, I just wanted to say how incredibly talented and brave you are to travel so far and wide. I feel so privileged to have gained an insight into your travels.
    Best regards

  2. Amy

    Talk about making the best of the hand you have been dealt! I saw your interview in Lonely Planet magazine and had to read more about you. I’m amazed at your strength and courage. All the best to you. I would be happy to send you some chocolate if you let me know where to send it to. :)

  3. Abhishek Bamby Alphonse

    Hello Tony !!! I am a fan of yours now !!! Such an incredible inspiration for me !!!
    And I have noticed that you have not visited India !!! So when you come here to Chennai, India (my hometown) , shall we meet ??? What say ???

    Cheers and Merry Merry Merry Christmas !!!!!!

  4. Adri

    Hi Tony,

    You are an absolute inspiration!!!
    I congratulate you for your courage
    Wish you all the very best
    Merry Christmas!!

  5. Richard

    I’ve just discovered your site after watching your BBC piece, and I’m completely inspired by your adventures. It’s made me think long and hard about everything I haven’t yet done, shamefully so given my relative lack of barriers.

    Thanks for sharing your travels, and I imagine I’m not the only person you’ve had quite an impact on.

  6. Matthew


    Just sitting in Ashgabat in Turkmenistan. Just saw the piece on BBC News. Inspirational and made me reflect on how important it is to push yourself to achieve everything that you can in life, and not be afraid of facing down your fears. Thank you. And enjoy those travels!


  7. Adrienne

    My daughter showed me the BBC extract that they had looked at in class. We were amazed at the guts it needs to undertake such an endeavour. She said to me, he’s lucky he doesn’t get robbed, but we observed the people who were interacting with Tony. Firstly, you can see that in some places they obviously are not used to seeing blind people walking about by themselves as a few people almost trip over him (this may be cultural), but after that, you see that there are people who are too shy or scared (or don’t care) to help him and another category of people who spontaneously say ‘ where are you going? would you like me to point you in the right direction?’. I found that uplifting, as some people actually accompanied him right up to a site to make sure he got there OK. Kind of restores my faith in humanity!
    You can see how much pleasure he takes in exploring these new surroundings, probably taking in things that we sighted people miss, like the smells of spices, the feel of the crowds around him, the texture of a wall. I hope that every trip you take is safe and rewarding, and thank you for sharing your experience.

  8. Davis

    And to think my friends get nervousm stressed out and worried over a trip to some all inclusive island resort! Take a deep breath. I love it! Rock on Tony!

  9. Neil

    Inspiring stuff. Keep up the travels. :)

  10. Caron

    Blown away by what you are doing. I used to travel a lot with my job and it’s not always easy, even when you can see, hear and even speak the lingo. Hats off to you and that you are inspiring others too.

    I have been to far fewer places than you but my favourites are
    3) Brazil, various locations – vibe in general even when they say it’s unsafe, people, food, dancing (and I’m no spring chicken)
    2) Atacama desert, Chile. This was mostly visual for me – the landscape, flamingos in salt flats, stars
    1) Cairo – been there five times – favourite place, so interesting and an amazing assault on the senses, lovely people, don’t know about the last twelve years, has it got dangerous?

    I would love to go to a lot more places. Guess that you will! xxx

  11. Degtjarewsky Jennifer

    Hi Tony,

    I just watched a video profile about you on the BBC and was blown away by your courage and determination. More than that, the first thing that came to mind was that your descriptions of people, places and things have such a unique quality and a richness of observation that sighted people don’t or can’t often articulate. I think your travels are amazing and hope someone does a movie about your life someday.

    Happy travels,
    Jen from California

  12. Peter

    Dear Tony,
    I’m from germany and massive impressed by your adventures. To be frank, I’m a little bit anxious about travelling. But your decision to make a deep breath and to go forward is very inspirational. I’m sure it will help me to see a little bit more from the world too. So: Thanks a lot for sharing your travelling experiences! You’re now my rule model. I wish you much more wonderful, secure and peaceful travels around the globe! Cheers, Peter

  13. Dave

    Hi Tony, I just saw you in the BBC video as well and completely agree with Abi. I hope this helps others overcome their fear of traveling alone, or traveling altogether. Traveling anywhere is great, and even better when you have a home to come back to. As an American, I’m extremely impressed that you’ve been to all 50 states too (I’m close, but not there yet!), and hope that everyone here has the chance to better get to know their country and one another.

  14. Abi

    Hi Tony. I have just seen the BBC news article on their website and wanted to say how amazing i think you are! You are so brave to travel alone in itself, let alone being blind and deaf also! Well done and i hope you get to continue in your great adventures. I do not know you but am proud of you! Abi

  15. Aileen Milsom

    Just seen your photos in Willemstad. Great. The ones with the dolphin are wonderful, lucky you. Love you lots, mum. xxx

  16. Andrea

    “Hi, hello. I miss you.” Yeah, you were right, I do miss you already. I write better than I speak because I can concentrate better.
    How are you in Sighisoara? I hope you’re having a good time. I forgot to ask you so many questions, but more, how did you and Tatiana meet? Rebeca is fine, said hi too and that you’re amazing.
    So, the joke I told you that I think I didn’t make myself very clear goes like this: What do you call a fish with no eye? Fsh. Because, you know “eye” is like “i”. It’s funny anyway.
    I really hope you’re doing well and no more bad people to meet. Take care of yourself, you are inspiring so many people because you are so funny, happy and awesome. Good luck with your amazing, crazy and dangerous adventure. Answer whenever you can and I’m looking forward to reading your book. Oh, and, indeed, my dreamcatcher did catch you. Goodbye, tedy bear with beard (urs de plus).

  17. Rebeca

    Hey Tony.I am Rebeca, Andrea’s friend. Even though I don’t know you really well, I know you are a great person, with lot of ambition. Sometimes I wonder how people that have problems can be so happy, more than normal and healthy people.You know, not all people can smile and make a person happy, but you can and I admire you for that!
    Have fun traveling in Romania! :)
    Hope we could talk again soon! :)
    P.S: I hope that what I wrote is correct, but if I have mistakes please forgive me..:))

  18. Jesper Holten

    Hello Tony. I have just spent a sleepless night reading your book. The stuff you have done and how you have accomplished it reminds me very much about how I my self has travelled various parts of the world as a blind person. It is so very rewarding being able to travel even when you are disabled, because it gives you courage and tools to do so many other things here in life, in other words independent travelling skills as a blind person means independents.
    Keep on travelling, you are not alone and I really love your book keep travelling and keep writing to show the rest of the disabled as well as the none disabled community what blind and partially sighted people are capable of!
    Best regards, Jesper

  19. Nick Muri

    Tony! Whatta say?! A man who sees the world his way…you believe it when you meet Tony. He’s not an ordinary blind man! He does much more than what without any disability can do. Bungee jumping, sky diving,and he visits national parks and museums!! He is so intelligent and well educated. I showed him around Mombasa town, Fort Jesus, the tusks and Bombolulu cultural center. We went the beach together and he rode a camel….
    He’s a wonderful guy. Wish you safe travels, Tony!

  20. Juma Shabani

    He was here in Kigoma from 22 to 24. he was in my care, I’m happy, he was gone safely.

    wish him safe way

  21. Annie Robb

    Hi Tony,
    We just met in Iringa town. Wish we could have shown you around! So pleased to have met you & really admire your courage. Wishing you the very best on the rest of your travels. May God be with you and give you peace.
    Take care,

  22. Matt

    Hi Tony,

    I just stumbled across your website. Just wanted to say hi from all the gang at The Sleeping Camel in Bamako, Mali. I went for a boat trip on the Niger River with Phil the other day and he was smiling remembering his trip on the river with you. Anyway, I hope your still travelling.

    Kind Regards, Matt and The Sleeping Camel’s

  23. Maria Gast-Rösch

    Hi tony,

    My name is Maria (the colombian girl that lives in Germany). We met in Prague in front of the Saint George chapel. We just talked for a few minutes but you touched my life and remined me that there is nothing you can not do. Thanks.

    About your travel to San Gil… I know your going to have so much fun. There is tons of things you can do there. But I will recomend you to visit the Chicamocha Canyon. It is my favorite place in the world. Why is this place so beautiful? I love the peace that this place has. Please let me know if you would like some more recommendations for your trip.

    I wish lots of fun in Colombia.
    Maybee we´ll meet againg somewhere in the world. I also love to travel.

    Greetings from Nuremberg.