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Riding a Felucca on the river Nile

Tony with Tatiana, enjoying a ride on the River Nile

Watch this video on YouTube.

Tony and his Greek girlfriend/partner riding a Felucca, a traditional Egyptian sailboat on the river Nile in Cairo, capital of Egypt. A lovely way to spend an hour or two :)

Tony continuing his Felucca journey!

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The journey along the Nile continued. Central Cairo with its Garden City on one side and Giza with its ancient pyramids on the other bank.

Tony steering the Felucca, mid stream!

Watch this video on YouTube.

Tony is holding the large wooden rudder of the Felucca and, with the captain’s help, is kind of steering the Felucca south along the Nile, in the rough direction of Luxor and, eventually after 900 kilometres or so, Aswan!

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