Zambia and Zimbabwe, March 2020

Tony sat in a safari jeep in the middle of Chobe National Park in Kasane, north Botswana. Video shows a male and female lion lying on the ground, close together, asleep. The male lion eventuallly awakes and begins cleaning himself, including licking his balls! 19th March 2020.
This very brief video of two male red lechwes about to fight, was taken during Tony’s game drive through Chobe National Park, Kasane, north Botswana, early on a Friday morning in late March. The weather was cool, overcast and cloudy. 19th March 2020.
Tony is having an elephant interaction at the Elephant Cafe near the Zambezi River, near Livingstone, Zambia on Sunday, 22nd March 2020. These large males were rescued from Zimbabwe several years ago during a big drought. Tony and his Zambian friend, Ethan are feeding the elephants natural plant material that they would find and eat in the wild. Their trunks are full of strong muscles and they suck in their food before putting it in their mouth. Elephants eat up to 16 hours per day. Feeding, touching and being with them was a magical experience! :)
Tony being introduced to a large, fully grown African elephant. Tony begins feeding the elephant with natural plant material from a cloth bag. The elephant greedily sucks the food up its trunk and puts it into its huge mouth! Trunk is muscular and very hairy!
Tony requesting tea, Elephant Cafe, near Livingstone, Zambia, Sunday 22nd March 2020.
Pair of giraffes seen from vehicle while searching for rhinos. Livingstone, Zambia, 22nd March 2020.
Compilation of 12 short videos featuring Tony discussing nature and searching for rhinos in Mosi Oa Tumya National Park, near Livingstone, Zambia. Tony is with Ethan, a tour guide, and a park ranger.
Tony heard a large group of African performers at entrance to the famous Victoria Falls on Friday, 20th March 2020. The performers were singing in a local language and dancing in traditional costume. Drums and other instruments can be heard.
Tony in front of the Devil’s Cataract Falls, viewpoint 1 of 16 viewpoints of Victoria Falls from the Zimbabwean side.
Tony at Ngonye Falls, southern Zambia, 24th March 2020. Tony and two local Zambians from the Sioma area, at Ngonye Falls, on the lower Zambezi River in southwest Zambia, on a warm Tuesday morning in late March. Ngonye Falls (alsow known as Sioma Falls), is a horseshoe shaped smallish waterfall on the lower Zambezi River . Located approximately 3 km from the small town/village of Sioma. This waterfall is more known for its wide horseshoe shape that straddles the mighty Zambezi River, Africa’s 4th longest river. Less well known than the famous Victoria Falls, its sound and spray is still spectacular as it pounds and crashes over rocks and vegetation. Because of its more remote location and difficulty to reach by both, private vehicle or public transport, it has less visitors, making the enjoyment of the falls more pleasurable!
Continuing to enjoy the wonderful sound of Ngonye Falls.