Libya, December 2021

Tony and his guide, Abubaker, viewing nearby mountains in the distance, roughly 1.5 hours drive from Tripoli, capital and largest city of Libya. It’s a sunny day. Tony was helped over large rocks with loose stones to the viewing area. This viewpoint is not far from a historic stone granary. 12th December 2021
Tony in the UNESCO Old town of Ghadames, south Libya, 13th December 2021. Tony is emerging from one of the covered walkways/passages from the old walled town of Ghadames, an ancient Berba town into the gardens or allotments. Tony’s guide, Abubaker, a Libyan national is the one giving the description. Tony is on a five day organised tour. It’s the only way Libya can be visited by tourists at present.
Tony enjoying sand dune rough ride in Sahara Desert, 13th December 2021. Tony, along with a Canadian tourist and two Libyan guides, are enjoying an afternoon of rough riding over the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert in southern Libya, near the small city of Ghadames. The windows are down and Tony and his Canadian companion can be heard whooping and shouting! The hair-raising bumpy and bouncy experience is like riding a roller-coaster!
This is part 2 of Tony rolling the sand dunes in the Sahara Desert near the historical city of Ghadames in Libya on a fun afternoon in December. An amazing, thrilling experience. See the sand fly, hear the shrieking of the wind and Tony and his Canadian travel companion shouting and laughing :). What fun :)
This is Tony’s final joyride in the wonderful sandy Sahara Desert near Ghadames, Libya. Tony is having tremendous fun :). Unlike beach sand, which is sticky and wet, desert sand just slides straight off and leaves no stickiness. I could have stayed in the Sahara for much longer.
Tony standing, listening to the crashing waves of the Mediterranean Sea hitting the beach near where the ancient ruins of Leptis Magna lie in Libya. Located about a two-hour drive east of Tripoli, Libya’s capital, the ruins of a large settlement of both Carthaginian and Roman cultures is a vast complex, roughly one third of which, has been excavated.