Jordan, October 2017

Tony in a jeep, part of a tour at Wadi Rum desert camp. Impressive views of the surrounding desert scenery. Wadi Rum is a protected area in south Jordan. 21st October 2017.
Tony on a camel at Wadi Rum desert camp. Desert rock formations. Whistle of the wind in the microphone. Afternoon of 20th October.
Tony at Petra. View across the site. 22nd October 2017.
Tony walking along the Siq at Petra. Bustling with people. The Siq is a two kilometre long canyon that slopes and turns and twists downhill into the heart of Petra with the treasury situated at the end.
Tony at Petra near to the beginning of the Siq. View of rocky slopes leading up to cliffs with cave rooms.
Man directing Tony into the Siq. View of the Siq’s inner entrance.