Greenland, August 2018

Tony using a hammer and chisel to knock out so-called grenades, semi-precious stones, out of a large rock after hiking to it in the wilderness of west Greenland, near Kangerlussuaq. On a cold day with little sun on 26th July 2018.
Despite the noise of the engine, whales breaching can clearly be heard and, hopefully, seen! The sound of humpback whales blowing is magnificent.
Trying to search for whales? A slightly unsuccessful beginning with the camera! The following films are better!
Here come the whales! First video with the humpbacks blowing and swimming, some interesting commentary alongside!
Here are the humpbacks in all their glory :)
Boat, plane and whales! The sound of the boat, the majestic silence of the whales and the noise of a plane – all captured in the nature off Ilulissat.
More whales and now less sounds, no boat engine and no planes, pure bliss, apart from occasional cameras and slight commentary.
This is my last video of humpback whales swimming and blowing in waters off Ilulissat, northwest Greenland, a truly magical experience. A reason for anyone to fly to Greenland.