Syria, May 2024

Tony in Old Damascus, capital of Syria, 18th May 2024. A short video of Tony walking with his group of like-minded travellers along Straight Street, a famous and historic avenue in the old town. The street apears quiet and old, colourful wooden doors with decorative paters made of wood can be seen. This famous street, eventually, leads to St. Ananias Church and onward to the city’s historic souks (open markets). Tony’s cane can be heard at the beginning tapping on the dusty cobbled streets.
Tony at the Roman Theatre in Bosra, 19th May 2024. Bosra is an ancient city some 90 kilometres from Damascus, Syria’s large and busy capital. Tony and his group are listening to the remarkable piercing voice of one of their guides as she sings a haunting and mournful operatic song in Arabic. It sends shivers down our spines and touches our souls. The song is brief but poignant. It reminds us all, that the fun we’ve had thus far in Syria with its vibrant nightlife and friendly atmosphere, there is still sadness and frustration here amongst the people. Reflect on this and enjoy the remarkable sound and acoustics.
Tony is doing Karaoke to Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, the Guns and Roses version, in a karaoke bar in old town Damascus on Sunday 19th May 2024. Tony is joined on mike by an enthusiastic local! This is just one of many events Tony participated in during his guided group tour of amazing Syria with 11 other like-minded experienced travellers. Many of the members of this group, like Tony, had visited over 100 countries alone. However, Tony is the only member of the group who is totally blind and partially deaf in both ears. Enjoy the terrible singing!
Tony enjoying traditional live music in Damascus, Syria! Tony was on a group tour of Syria with other like-minded travellers. On their first evening in Damascus, Syria’s capital and lively city, Tony and his group heard this traditional dance and music by several local men. The sound and sight was amazing, as you are about to hear and see.
Tony with fellow travellers in the small mountainous village of Raba, Syria, listening to the wonderful sound of live music being performed by several locals. An evening that will live long in the memory.