Cameroon, March 2022

Tony admiring Lobé Falls.

Tony in a small wooden motorised boat on the Lobé River admiring Lobé Falls (Les Chutes de La Lobe), a large waterfall just south of Kribi, Cameroon.
Tara Beach, Kribi, Cameroon.

Tony is listening to the crashing waves roll in on Tara Beach in the seaside town of Kribi in south Cameroon on a warm evening. The wind is blowing and the sand under Tony’s feet is soft.
Tony listening to the mighty Ekom Waterfall (Chute d’Ekom) in southwest Cameroon. The falls have several viewing places, including from a long platform near a river, which is quite far from the falls, and at the bottom of over 100 rock steps cut into a forest trail. This is a much better position to both see and hear the pounding falls in their full glory.
Tony enjoying the wonderful sound of the amazing Tello Falls (Chute de Tello) at the bottom of a long flight of rough rock steps. The Tello Falls are worth a detour to the east of Ngaoundéré, on the road (or rather the runway) of Bélel. They offer the spectacle of a 45 metre high waterfall behind which a large cave can be accessed by the side of the waterfall.
Tony is on a motorbike with two local Cameroon guides heading down a narrow, bumpy track to visit Ngan-Ha (Nganha), a mountain containing caves. The area is rocky with thin, tall grass and bushes coverying the rough track. The mountain is near the village of Nganha, which over 100 kilometres from Ngaoundere, North Cameroon.