Audio Interviews

Ascend Podcast

Tony talks about his inspiring solo world adventures for the Ascend Podcast:

Downloadable audio version and more details on the Ascend Podcast website. The podcast is dated 4 February 2019.

RMWorldTravel – America’s number one radio travel show!

Interview with Tony broadcast on 27th October 2018.

Listen to the podcast on the RMWorldTravel website. The podcast is dated 27 October 2018.

AT Banter Podcast, Canada

24 August 2018. Interview with Tony. Find out more at the AT Banter Podcast website.

Radio FM4, Vienna, Austria

Podcast from Tony’s January 2018 interview with Johnny Bliss for Radio FM4. Recorded at the Plumbers Arms Pub, London.

There is also an article about Tony on the Radio FM4 website.

Reid My Mind Radio podcast

Listen at Recorded February 2018.

VIP Lounge, Roskilde Dampradio, Denmark

Recorded 27th February 2018. Interviewed by Robin Cox.

6PR Travel Bug, Australia

February 2018. Tony interviewed by Steve Grumpy Collins, traveller, writer, radio presenter and blogger, for an Australian podcast. A follow-up to Tony’s original interview with Steve, October 2016 (available below).

Radio FM4, Vienna, Austria

Listen to the first part of Tony’s interview with Johnny Bliss, for an English-speaking radio show in Vienna, Austria. It’s brief but good. The interview occurred on 25th January 2018 in the Plumbers Arms Pub, London, England.

GlobalGaz podcast

Tony was interviewed for the GlobalGaz travel podcast. Listen at this link.

BBC Radio Devon

Tony was interviewed by Toby Buckland on Tuesday 12th December 2017.

BBC Radio Bristol

Tony was interviewed by John Darvall on Monday 21st November 2016.

Nights with Brian Crump, Radio New Zealand

Tony was interviewed by Brian Crump. Aired on evening of 25th October 2016. Interview took place in Wellington, capital of New Zealand.

Listen on the Radio New Zealand website: Our Own Odysseys – Seeing the world his way

Eyes On Success

Interesting interview with Pete and Nancy Torpey, 19th October 2016 (podcast 1643, Travelling Solo). Eyes On Success is a US based podcast and radio broadcast focusing on issues that mainly concern blind and visually impaired people, but open and welcome to all.


Interview with Steve Collins, Perth, Australia

Interview with Steve Collins in Perth, via Skype from Canberra. Tuesday, 11th October 2016.

6PR, Perth, Australia

Tony interviewed by Steve Collins. 30th September 2016.

More details:

Photos taken in studio:
Tatiana, Tony and interviewer Steve Collins in the studio, 6PR, Perth Tony being interviewed in the 6PR studio

Choice Words, AMI-audio, Canada

June 2014 episode on the theme of accessible travel. Includes excerpts from Tony’s book.

Eyes On Success, USA

25-minute interview with Tony. It was recorded for the Eyes On Success radio programme. The show is based in the US and is targeted at visually impaired/blind people. The interview took place in late December 2012 and it was broadcast in May 2013.

BCFM, Bristol

Interview for BCFM, an independent community radio station based in Bristol. Tony was interviewed by Anthea Page in Bristol on Monday 28th May 2012.

BBC Radio Bristol

Tony was interviewed by John Darvall on Monday, 28th May 2012.