Gloucester, August 2015

Follow the Scrumpty sculpture trail for Rugby World Cup 2015. The sculptures, painted by local, national, and international artists, are scattered across the city, taking you on a tour of its impressive sights and buzzing neighbourhoods. Below are some of the Scrumpty’s that I visited on Saturday 15th August 2015.

Tony outside one of the fishermen's cottages.Tony outside one of the fishermen’s cottages.

Gloucester Cathedral.Gloucester Cathedral.

Stained glass window.Stained glass window.

Tony ringing the bell, St. Michael's Tower.Tony ringing the bell, St. Michael’s Tower.

Spud and Tony in the docks.Spud and Tony in the docks.

Spud pointing.Spud pointing.

Spud pointing at hat and beard.Spud pointing at hat and beard.

Spud and Tony inspecting the train wagons.Spud and Tony inspecting the train wagons.

Tony and Cracked.Tony and Cracked.

Tony and Steampunkty.Tony and Steampunkty.

Tony and the Tailor.Tony and the Tailor.

Tony and the Viking.Tony and the Viking.

Tony Freeze-a-Jolly Good Fellow.Tony Freeze-a-Jolly Good Fellow.

Tony with Colour the World.Tony with Colour the World.

Tony with Old Bragg.Tony with Old Bragg.