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News Archive

AT Banter Podcast, Canada (14th May 2019)

In August 2018 Tony was interviewed for the AT Banter Podcast.

Listen here:

Visit the AT Banter Podcast website to find out more.

HeartThreads interview (29th April 2019)

Tony recently did an interview for HeartThreads, an American news story outlet. The interview is syndicated on various US websites, but can only be accessed in North America and not in Europe (other regions to be confirmed). Here is a link to the interview.

They also made this video:

HeartThreads video

Watch this video on YouTube.

Tony enjoying a traditional Nuba drum and dance ceremony in Omdurman (8th April 2019)

Tony enjoying a traditional Numba drum and dance ceromony in Ondurman, Khartoum, Sudan

Watch this video on YouTube.

The sounds of the drums and singing/chanting by local Nuba people on a Friday afternoon/evening in Omdurman, the Islamic city of Khartoum. This is a religious event with locals sending offerings to God through their singing, drumming and dance. The Nuba or Sufi dance includes whirling Dervishes and fire dancers.

Tony’s continuing travels (27th March 2019)

Tony has recently arrived in the mountainous, East African country of Eritrea, country 119. Happy travels and thanks for following. Tony

Video – Pyramid of Userkaf, Saqqara, Egypt (4th March 2019)

Tony in ancient pyramid, Saqqara, Egypt

Watch this video on YouTube.

Tony walking through a low and narrow passage leading from the tomb inside the Pyramid of Userkaf, to the outside. The large burial chamber is located at Saqqara, ancient Necropolis of Memphis, on the west bank of the River Nile, south of Cairo. The tomb is empty, but carvings are visible on the inner walls. A steep slope leads downwards from the entrance at a steep angle into the tomb.

Riding a Felucca on the river Nile (27th February 2019)

Tony with Tatiana, enjoying a ride on the River Nile

Watch this video on YouTube.

Tony and his Greek girlfriend/partner riding a Felucca, a traditional Egyptian sailboat on the river Nile in Cairo, capital of Egypt. A lovely way to spend an hour or two :)

Tony continuing his Felucca journey!

Watch this video on YouTube.

The journey along the Nile continued. Central Cairo with its Garden City on one side and Giza with its ancient pyramids on the other bank.

Tony steering the Felucca, mid stream!

Watch this video on YouTube.

Tony is holding the large wooden rudder of the Felucca and, with the captain’s help, is kind of steering the Felucca south along the Nile, in the rough direction of Luxor and, eventually after 900 kilometres or so, Aswan!

Ascend Podcast (11th February 2019)

Tony recently recorded this interesting 30 minute interview for the Ascend Podcast.

(Blind Man) Traveling The World Solo – Tony Giles | AP145

Watch this video on YouTube.

Downloadable audio version and more details on the Ascend Podcast website.

Videos at Pulang Bato Falls, Dumaguete, Negros Island, Philippines (5th February 2019)

Tony at PULANG BATO Falls, Dumaguete, Negros Island, Philippines

Watch this video on YouTube.

This is the first video at Pulang Bato (Red Rock) Falls, near Dumaguete City, in the south part of Negros Island, central Philippines. It’s an easy waterfall to reach by motorbike and has easy access down concrete steps and rocks. Crossing the river to get closer to the falls is slightly tricky, as the rocks are slippery, but not really difficult. There are few people on a weekday and the sound of the falls is wonderful. The smell from the nearby hot springs is strong!

Tony almost in the falls!

Watch this video on YouTube.

A very close-up view and audio of this wonderful waterfall. Tony crossed the river with help, slipping on boulders and rocks, but it was worth it for the view and sound :). This is what travelling is all about!

Tony at Kawasan Falls, Badian, Cebu Island, Philippines (28th January 2019)

Tony, blind, crazy, world traveller, in the pool with locals, at Kawasan Falls near the town of Badian on the south coast of Cebu Island, Vasayas, Central Philippines. The sound of the 60 metre waterfall plunging down the mountain into the pool is exhilarating!

Tony at Kawasan Falls, Badian, Cebu Island, Philippines

Watch this video on YouTube.

Annaba music (23rd December 2018)

A local singer/guitarist performing in a downtown cafe in Annaba, northeast Algeria on a late Tuesday afternoon, Tony and other locals in attendance.

Some music in Annaba

Watch this video on YouTube.

Annaba music part 2.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Rocking in Constantine, Algeria (21st December 2018)

I’m rocking in Constantine, a great place, lovely people. Saw/heard two great bands tonight. I’ll share photos and videos on Saturday when I have a better wifi connection! That should wet your appetites! Cheers, Tony :)

Video – ancient Roman city of Tipasa, Algeria (19th December 2018)

Ancient Tipasa, Algeria

Watch this video on YouTube.

Tony at the ancient Roman city of Tipasa, an hour’s drive west of Algiers, capital of Algeria. The old ruins, which include a theatre, amphitheatre, basilicas and bathhouses, lie above the shore on Algeria’s Mediterranean coast. Watch and hear the sound of the sea pounding the rocks below!

More videos here.

In Algeria (14th December 2018)

Tony is now in Algiers, capital of Algeria, North Africa. This is Tony 115th country on the UN’s list of sovereign countries and 133rd visited on Tony’s own list of nations. More updates coming soon, so stay tuned and keep watching and read. Thanks for following, Tony :).

TEDx Vienna Conference 2018 video (5th December 2018)

I hope this finds you well. Please find below the long awaited video of my TEDx Vienna talk on Simplexity that occurred in Austria on 19th October.

Blind Man Travelling Solo | Tony Giles | TEDxVienna

Watch this video on YouTube.

Interview on RMWorldTravel – America’s number one radio travel show! (30th October 2018)

Interview with Tony broadcast on 27th October 2018.

Listen to the podcast on the RMWorldTravel website. The podcast is dated 27 October 2018.

Tony being interviewed at TEDx Vienna Conference 2018 (22nd October 2018)

Check out this group of short interviews at the TEDx Vienna Conference on Simplexity, where I gave a talk about travelling blind! Enjoy and thanks for follow. Tony :). fm4.orf.at/player/20181021/CO/162215000

London Big Bus Tour video (4th September 2018)

Tony interviewed on a ‘Big Bus’ in London for World Travel Market:

WTM Inspires with Tony Giles: How can the travel industry learn from disabled travellers?

Watch this video on YouTube.

More whales (15th August 2018)

The last whale!

Watch this video on YouTube.

This is my last video of humpback whales swimming and blowing in waters off Ilulissat, northwest Greenland, a truly magical experience. A reason for anyone to fly to Greenland.

Whales getting closer!

Watch this video on YouTube.

Despite the noise of the engine, whales breaching can clearly be heard and, hopefully, seen! The sound of humpback whales blowing is magnificent.

Blowing with the humpbacks!

Watch this video on YouTube.

More whales and now less sounds, no boat engine and no planes, pure bliss, apart from occasional cameras and slight commentary.

Searching for whales in Greenland (14th August 2018)

Trying to search for wales?

Watch this video on YouTube.

Trying to search for whales? A slightly unsuccessful beginning with the camera! The following films are better!

Here come the wales!

Watch this video on YouTube.

Here come the whales! First video with the humpbacks blowing and swimming, some interesting commentary alongside!

Whales, whales, whales!

Watch this video on YouTube.

Here are the humpbacks in all their glory :)

Boat, plane and whales!

Watch this video on YouTube.

Boat, plane and whales! The sound of the boat, the majestic silence of the whales and the noise of a plane – all captured in the nature off Ilulissat.

Bungee jump number 17, Sentosa Island, Singapore (26th June 2018)

47 metre bungee jump at Sentosa Island, Singapore, June 2018

Watch this video on YouTube.

Tony undertaking a 47 m bungee jump at Sentosa Island, Singapore on 15th June 2018. This was Tony’s 17th jump! He’s now bungeed on every populated continent in the world.

Go check it out and enjoy. Thanks for watching and following, Tony :)

Another documentary! (22nd June 2018)

Dear followers and travellers, check out this short documentary I was recently involved with. Made in Singapore for Scoot Air. https://www.facebook.com/flyscoot/videos/1810540489005471/ It was made with two other intrepid travellers! More coming soon. Thanks for watching and following, enjoy, Tony :).

Tony’s next country! (22nd May 2018)

Tony is now in Sal Island, Cape Verde. He’s staying with a kind couch surfer from Senegal and has spent the day relaxing. Tomorrow he goes on a tour around the island. Cape Verde is an island nation roughly 500 kilometres west of Senegal, off the coast of West Africa. This is Country 114 on the official UN list and country 129 on Tony’s general list.
— Tony Giles blind solo traveller, author of Ebooks:
*Seeing The Americas My Way* An emotional journey (2016) Available from Amazon – http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01M14JY50 Kobo – store.kobobooks.com/en-ca/ebook/seeing-the-americas-my-way
*Seeing The World My Way* A totally blind and partially deaf guy’s global adventures (2010)
Second edition is available from all Ebook sites.
Website: http://www.tonythetraveller.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/theblindbackpacker

Another documentary (6th May 2018)

Here is another short documentary about my travels and the way I live and cope with my blindness. Made for The Big Story, a documentary team, part of CNN online. Enjoy, Tony. The Big Story

Traveling the World, Solo and Without Sight

Watch this video on YouTube.

Filmed 27th February 2018.

FM4 interview (27th April 2018)

Tony was interviewed for Austrian radio station FM4 back in January. Listen to the audio in two parts at the following links:

Morning Show – http://fm4.orf.at/player/20180423/MO/081900000
Reality Check – http://fm4.orf.at/player/20180423/RC/132646000

There is also a podcast here:

Tony’s feature length ‘Holy Land’ documentary (10th April 2018)

Here’s a link to my feature length documentary of my two original and, separate, documentaries of my travels in Jerusalem and Bethlehem, now put together along with unseen footage as one long feature. Enjoy, and thanks for watching and following. Tony :)

Radio interview (7th April 2018)

VIP Lounge, Roskilde Dampradio, Denmark

Tony Giles – V.I.P. Lounge interview

Watch this video on YouTube.

Recorded 27th February 2018. Interviewed by Robin Cox.

Tony’s Article in RNIB Magazine (6th April 2018)

Read about my visit to Canterbury Cathedral, southeast England in the spring edition of Connect, an RNIB online Magazine for blind and visually impaired people in the UK.
Thanks for following, more coming soon, Tony :).

latest news (1st April 2018)

Tony now relaxing in windy Devon, UK. After an epic journey of over 30 hours that involved an 8-hour bus ride from Muscat, Oman to Dubai, UAE, a 4-hour flight from Dubai to Beirut, capital of Lebanon, another flight from Beirut to Belgrade, capital of Serbia, and a final flight from Belgrade to Heathrow Airport, London. Before a 4-hour train journey to Tony’s place of residence in southern Devon! He could have flown direct from Muscat to London, but undertaking the journey in segments saved him quite a lot of money and, for Tony, it is all about the adventure and meeting interesting people along the way! Happy travels, from Tony Ps, don’t forget his fascinating travel Ebooks about a totally blind and partially deaf guy’s global adventures. Hilarious accounts of travels without sight and, often, not in complete control of his senses! Are available: Seeing The Americas My Way Amazon – http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01M14JY50 Apple – itunes.apple.com/us/book/seeing-the-americas-my-way/id1155800966?mt=11 Kobo – store.kobobooks.com/en-ca/ebook/seeing-the-americas-my-way Google Play – play.google.com/store/books/details/Tony_Giles_Seeing_The_Americas_My_Way?id=ebEXDQAAQBAJ&hl=en Seeing The World My Way, my first ebook Amazon.co.uk https://www.amazon.co.uk/Seeing-World-Way-Tony-Giles/dp/1906236380/ http://www.6pr.com.au/news/meet-tony-the-traveller-20160930-grsrvc.html Thank you everyone, from Tony :)

New article to read about Tony! (25th March 2018)

Telegraph article about Tony and his world travels http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/news/tony-giles-the-deaf-and-blind-world-explorer/
Podcast interview with Tony, for Blind Ability, an organisation in Minnesota, USA, supporting blind and visually impaired people wp.me/p6rcRg-S3
Bombs in Baalbeck, Lebanon, by Jason Hawes, a fellow UK traveller Or maybe Syria? m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10160192552965644&id=722860643
Blog feature about meeting Tony by world traveller, Thor from Denmark, travelled to 144 countries without flying! http://www.onceuponasaga.dk/blog/238-blind-deaf-and-dumb-leaving-lebanon
Tom, author and founder of Motivate Yourself, Germany http://www.motivate-yourself.de/tony-giles/

(23rd March 2018)

Totally blind and severely deaf! Meet Tony Giles – travelling the world! 🌎🌍🌏✨

Watch this video on YouTube.

A day in a life of travel with Tony and Thor, two world travellers! Sidon, Lebanon, March 2018. Thor has visited 144 countries without flying.

Audio interview – 6PR Travel Bug (20th March 2018)

Tony interviewed by Steve Grumpy Collins, traveller, writer, radio presenter and blogger, for an Australian podcast. A follow-up to Tony’s original interview with Steve, October 2016 (you can listen to that on the audio page).

Short Interview For Austrian Radio (16th February 2018)

Listen to the first part of Tony’s interview with Johnny Bliss, for an English-speaking radio show in Vienna, Austria. It’s brief but good. The interview occurred on 25th January 2018 in the Plumbers Arms Pub, London, England.

Another article, but with a slight difference! (13th February 2018)

Tony was interviewed for the MyDiversability online blog in late January 2018. It’s an online blog and website for disabled people in the US, highlighting and showcasing positivity for disabled people, whatever their circumstances and disability. You can read the post here:

Tony’s latest info (10th February 2018)

Tony is now in Lausanne, Switzerland, preparing to give a talk at the closing ceremony of a student-led event about tourism and travel. Tony was also recently on the Chrissie B Show: a tv programme on Sky, channel 203 about tackling mental health issue and positive action regarding this subject. Tony’s story is a positive illustration of what can be overcome and achieved.

Children’s Mental Health Week – ‘Being Ourselves’

Watch this video on YouTube.

BBC Travel Show reminder (21st January 2018)

A reminder that the second part of Tony’s BBC Travel Show documentary is still available, It features Tony exploring Bethlehem.

It is available to watch (UK only) at this link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09jl4k0

The international link is http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05tyfcx

It is also being broadcast worldwide on BBC World News and in the UK on the BBC News Channel. For broadcast times, see the links below:
BBC News Channel
BBC World News

Sunday Times article (11th January 2018)

Article about Tony published in the Sunday Times (7th January). Here’s the link:
https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/how-it-feels-to-be-blind-and-roam-the-planet-zkx7t2z37. The article is behind a paywall, although a limited number of articles can be read for free if you register.

ILTV interview (11th January 2018)

Watch Tony’s recent interview with Israel based English Language news channel ILTV (9th January 2018).

Update (8th January 2018)

Tony now in Greece.

iROZHLAS.cz article (28th December 2017)

Another Czech language article about Tony, this one published on the iROZHLAS.cz site.

Counting Down Countries – GlobalGaz podcast (22nd December 2017)

Tony was interviewed for the GlobalGaz travel podcast. Listen at this link.

Czech article (20th December 2017)

An article about Tony recently appeared on the Czech news site Novinky.cz. Read the article here (Czech language).

Watch the first part of the BBC Travel Show documentary (12th December 2017)

For anyone who missed it, here is the first part of the BBC Travel Show documentary featuring Tony in Jerusalem:

Tony in Jerusalem, BBC Travel Show, part 1

Watch this video on YouTube.

The second part, filmed in Bethlehem, was originally scheduled for broadcast last weekend. It was postponed due to recent events. When a broadcast date is known, we will add details here.

Lonely Planet article (8th December 2017)

New article on Lonely Planet news –

First part of my travel documentary (2nd December 2017)

Here’s the link to the first part of my travel documentary I did with BBC World Travel Show. Hope you enjoy it :), thanks for watching, best, Tony the Traveller.

Blind backpacker travelling the world

Tony on BBC World Travel Show (30th November 2017)

Heads up: I was filmed in Jerusalem and Bethlehem for a documentary for the BBC World Travel Show about how disabled people are able to travel. Here is information about show times and when and where. The Jerusalem feature will be the second half of the programme on Dec 2nd and Dec 3rd. The Bethlehem feature will be the first half of the programme on Dec 9th and Dec 10th.

On the UK BBC News Channel the times will be: Sat – 10.30 Sun – 13.30 and 20.30. On the World BBC News Channel the times will vary depending on time zone. But the times GMT are: Fri: 20.30 Sat 03.30, 13.30, 18.30 and Sun 06.30 & 12.30. It will also be available on the iPlayer in the UK.

A shorter version may also appear on BBC Breakfast over the weekend if there’s no big breaking news! :)

I hope everyone can access BBC World some how. I should be getting a Youtube link as soon as it goes live, so watch this space for that.

Thanks for following, and please share this with as many people as possible. Happy travels, Tony the Traveller.

Author of Ebooks:
Seeing The World My Way.
Seeing The Americas My Way.

Relaxing in Nazareth (24th November 2017)

Evening of Thursday 24th November.

Tony is relaxing in Nazareth, north Jerusalem. He’s been there for four nights, staying in Simsin Guesthouse – a friendly small hostel in Nazareth’s Old Town. Tony briefly explored the old city on his first afternoon, feeling the old stone walls with his hands and cane and finding many obstacles on the pavements, including parked cars, large rubbish bins, lampposts and many small bollards. Tony found his way to downtown by following the downwards gradient from the old town and asked local pedestrians as he went for directions to Mary’s Well/Mary’s Square, seeming the city centre. Once there, with help from a kind local, Tony enjoyed a meal in a nearby restaurant before retracing his steps back up the hill and eventually found his accommodation with yet more local help.

Tony has been back in Israel since 10th November. He undertook a brief visit to Jericho in the Palestinian Territory, where along with a couple of German girls he met, ascended to the top of the Mount of Temptation by cable car and climbed a series of steep steps to the Greek Orthodox Church to taste the fresh air and imagine the magnificent views! Atop this mountain is where, apparently, Satan attempted Jesus! Tony also visited and briefly swam in the Jordan River where Jesus was, allegedly, baptised. Tony stripped in the hot sun and stepped into the freezing water for a brief splash before re-ascending the wooden steps and drying off. He was accompanied by a family from Chile who were also touring Israel for several weeks.

Tony continued his travels around Israel, heading south to the small Kibbutz of Ein Gedi, where he stayed at a very basic camp lodge for a few days before first exploring the fortress desert castle of Masada and then continuing on to both Beer Sheba and going further south to the large Makhtesh Ramon crater at Mitzpe Ramon. The almost complete silence inside the crater and in the small town of Mitzpe Ramon itself was breathtaking and felt somewhat spiritual.

After one final night in Nazareth, Tony heads to the ancient Roman city of Tiberias on the banks of the Sea of Galilee for a few days before beginning his exploration of the Med coast, starting in Nahariya and ending in Tel Aviv.

Palestinian Territories, country 125 (9th November 2017)

Tony is in the Palestinian Territories, country 125. He returns to Jerusalem, Israel tomorrow, 9th November 2017 and continues travels in Israel.

Country 124 (31st October 2017)

Tony is now in Jerusalem, capital and largest city of Israel. This is country 124 for Tony!

New video interview (25th October 2017)

Watch a video interview with Tony filmed for the InspireMore blog in Jerash, Jordan. Highly recommended!

Now in Jordan (18th October 2017)

Tony now in Jordan, country 123.

Now in Brno (29th September 2017)

Tony, Tatiana now in Brno, southern Czech Republic – staying with interesting and kind hosts! :)

Latest (18th September 2017)

Tony, Tatiana now in Kosice, eastern Slovakia.

Hungary (14th September 2017)

Tony now in Esztergom, northern Hungary with his partner, Tatiana.

Update (21st July 2017)

Tony has spent the last month travelling around various parts of England with Tatiana.

Updated iBooks/iTunes links (23rd May 2017)

A reminder that both Tony’s books are available from Apple iBooks.

Seeing the World My Way
Seeing the Americas My Way

Now in Sendai. (24th April 2017)

Tony and Tatiana are now in Sendai, Tohoku region, north-east Honshu, main island of Japan.

Country 122 (19th April 2017)

Tony is now in Tokyo, Japan with Tatiana – Tony’s 122nd country!

Now in Senegal (10th April 2017)

Tony is now in Senegal and almost at the end of his two month trip across West Africa. After spending a few days in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, he headed south west spending a couple of relaxing days in Bobo before heading to Banfora where he visited a waterfall, walked in mountain foothills and climbed inside a large baobab tree.

A long bus ride took him to Bouake, the central point of Cote D’Ivoire – country number 120. He spent a couple of days in local company before a short bus trip took him to Yamoussoukro, the countries political capital. Here is allegedly the largest Christian church in the world! After a brief tour, including climbing 11 storeys to enjoy the fresh air, Tony and his local host visited a few other attractive buildings before Tony headed to Abidjan – Ivory Coasts largest city and economic capital. Several days were spent there waiting for the embassy of the republic of Guinea to decide to give Tony a visa before he embarked on his adventurous journey across the more difficult parts of West Africa. A one day bus ride to the small town of Sipileu close to the Republic of Guinea border turned into a 26 hour adventure. This included many stops and changing buses three times. At one point Tony was put in a taxi but not informed of his destination! Finally the bus conductor took him to a small building at 6am and said “bus Guinea border” in broken English.

12 exhausting hours later, after bumping along on non-existent roads, Tony passed into Guinea republic and by midnight was at the small market town of N’zerekore. He spent one brief night with a kind host who helped him find a shared taxi which took him across the entire width of the country to Conakry, Guineas capital. This was another lengthy journey of more than 20 hours. Another kind African host offered him a hot meal and a comfy bed for the night.

The next day, Tony and his friend visited the Guinea Bissau embassy where Tony obtained his visa in less than 10 minutes and headed to find a shared taxi to Bissau. A journey that should have taken roughly 12 hours along reasonably good roads turned into a nightmare of a journey which in total took 50 hours!!

Once in Bissau, Tony had two brief nights in the capital before heading to his penultimate destination of Abene, south Senegal. In three days he heads to Dakar where the trip will conclude. Happy travels, Tony.

Update from Burkina Faso (31st March 2017)

After posting my last blog about Ghana I have been rather busy. Sitting on crocodiles and visiting yet another slave camp in Paga on the Ghana-Burkina Faso border and also traditional villages with interesting carved houses. After leaving Ghana I made a simple border crossing into quiet peaceful Burkina Faso, country 119. With help I travelled some 20 km to the small uninteresting town of Po. Two kind people actually gave me a free motorbike ride from the border to the town. I stayed at the Hotel Tiandora Esprerance. I was most likely overcharged for the room and a bottle of water. One guy spoke reasonable English and offered to take me by motorbike to the small famous picturesque village of Tiebele some 32 km distance. I was also heavily overcharged for this, having to pay for the bike, petrol, his time and allegedly to take photos at the village in people’s houses. I found out later this was not correct and he took advantage. However the guy was friendly and I had an interesting experience. Tiebele is an extremely old traditional village of southern Burkina Faso, but unlike most other villages in Burkina that have houses made of basic mud brick and no decoration, Tiebele is different and unique. I was able to feel the various shapes and patterns moulded into the outside of the adobe houses and the different textures of paint. Their houses are in many shapes and styles, but mainly they have a tiny semi-circular doors for entry and one has to crawl inside before climbing over a brick step before being able to stay. Inside are simple rooms …

[Unfortunately Tony’s message got truncated at this point. We will try to add the rest later…]

Country 119 (15th March 2017)

Tony is now in Burkina Faso, country 119.

Ghana (6th March 2017)

I’ve been in Ghana, country 118, for about two weeks now. Sweating the heat, relaxing on the south coast beaches and exploring the history at Elmina, Cape Coast, Princes Town and Beyin. I’ve stayed with some interesting local people via couch surfing. My first host, Charles, from Nigeria, took me to visit the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial and told me a little of the history. He was Ghana’s first president and helped the country gain independence from the British in 1957. After Accra with its heavy traffic, smells and fumes of many taxis and trotros (minibuses), it was time to head inland to the Volta region. I stayed one night in a small town called Dzodze, pronounced Je je. This is where I met Albert, a really cool guy. We travelled up to Hohoe together and visited Wli waterfall, spectacular. Here we encountered a lovely Swedish girl, who is volunteering in some organisation. Then back to the coast and onto the forts. After exploring these slave castles with their deep dark past I headed once again inland, my destination being Kumasi. This should have been a fairly easy journey. However, it turned into an adventure. I first took a trotro from the small coastal town of Axim to Takoradi, this was no problem apart from nearly crashing at one point! Once in Takoradi, I changed to a big bus with air conditioning. This is where the fun began. First it took more than two hours for the bus to fill, then once on the road, we drove to Cape Coast, however, on reaching this destination, the coach promptly broke down and refused to start! Eventually, a second bus, smaller and lacking comforts was found, however, I was nearly left behind as the bus staff kept taking me from one bus to another and back again. A seat was finally found and some twelve hours after departing Axim, I arrived hot and tired in Kumasi. The next problem was contacting my couch surfer. He hadn’t contacted me all day to confirm my stay. My battery on my phone had died, so no news. I was able to charge my phone, but unable to get hold of my host. I eventually contacted a friend I had stayed with previously and he contacted his brother who was able to host me and collected me. Two days later, I headed to Sunyami. My next stop is the heat of Tamale before crossing into Burkina Faso and continuing the journey. Tony the Traveller!

Country 118 (19th February 2017)

Tony has now landed in Accra, capital of Ghana, West Africa. His epic journey around West Africa is about to begin, he is now in country 118.

Available now – Seeing the World My Way, ebook second edition (4th January 2017)

Seeing the World My Way (second edition) coverTony’s first book Seeing the World My Way is again available to purchase as an ebook. This second edition is available from all the major ebook stores, including Amazon.co.uk, Apple iTunes and Google Play.

Happy New Year (3rd January 2017)

Happy New Year to one and all, Tony plans to visit West Africa in February-April 2017. His exploration intends to cover Ghana, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Republic of Guinea, Guinea Bissau and south Senegal.

Seeing The World My Way second edition planned (14th November 2016)

Tony’s first book Seeing The World My Way is at present out of print. A second English edition is planned for release in early-mid December 2016.

Cook Islands next (1st November 2016)

Tony and Tatiana rocking and rolling on a bus in North Island, NZ. Heading to Auckland to jump on a flight to Rarotonga, largest island of Cook Islands. This will be Tony’s 117th country visited! :)

Now in New Zealand (19th October 2016)

Tony landed in Wellington NZ Wednesday night, 19th October. Begins travels of North Island of New Zealand with Tatiana :)

Australian TV interview (11th October 2016)

On Sunday night (9th October 2016) Tony appeared on The Couch.

Watch it here:

The Couch – October 9, 2016 (Episode 574)

Watch this video on YouTube.

The Couch is a TV chat show based in Perth, Australia.

Simon Fenton (5th October 2016)

Simon runs a guesthouse and leads tours around southern Senegal as well as writing about his work there. Check out his latest book here: Chasing Hornbills

For more information and his other work please check: http://www.thelittlebaobab.com

Kazakhstan conference (22nd September 2016)

Tony has visited Kazakhstan for an interesting conference on ‘social tourism’ inclusive tourism for all, disabled or not. This is country 116 :)

Blog by new blind traveller (1st September 2016)

Great to discover a website and blog by a new blind traveller from Australia. Visit Blind As A Backpack.

Also see this page where Tony is mentioned as one of their inspirations.

Seeing The Americas My Way – launch now set for late September (30th August 2016)

Ebook now set for launch in late September 2016. Last minute alterations!

Thanks for understanding.

Go Nomad article (26th August 2016)

Tony has written an article for the Go Nomad website – Travelling Blind: Tony Giles Visits West Africa.

Seeing The Americas My Way – coming soon! (15th August 2016)

Tony’s second travel book: Seeing The Americas My Way, to be launched as an Ebook, late August 2016.

Seeing The Americas My Way follows Tony Giles, blind solo traveller, through more exciting adventures. Tony’s second fascinating travel biography offers a more sensory observation of backpacking. From the sounds, smells and cuisine of Brazil and Argentina to the feel of the rhythm of salsa in Cuba – coupled with the usual adrenaline activities associated with this author.

Country 116 (2nd June 2016)

Tony is now in Belize, country 116.

Country 113 (20th May 2016)

I’m now in San Salvador, capital of El Salvador, this is country 113.

New blog post – Now in Tegucigalpa, Honduras (9th May 2016)

Read Tony’s latest blog here.

Country 112 (21st April 2016)

I’m now in Nicaragua, country 112.

Costa Rica (17th April 2016)

So now I’m getting ready to leave beautiful Costa Rica and cross into Nicaragua. Well I’ve travelled from the Caribbean cost to the Pacific, been near Mount Chirripo in San Geraldo, staying at Casa Mariposa, a wonderful paradise hostel retreat. I’ve rafted and got sunburnt in Turrialba, ziplined and done my 16th bungee jump in Monteverde, hiked trials, fallen often, cut toes and been attacked by many mosquitos. Yet the one constant thought in my mind is, the Costan people are lovely. Keiner and his lovely girlfriend who I stayed with in Turrialba to Oswalso and Andrea in the small town of Belen near San Jose, whose hospitality and humour I’ll never forget. Yes, the country is expensive, especially food and activities, but the nature in its abundance compensates for any expense. The beautiful birds that woke each morning or the howler monkeys with their occasional screech were delightful. I walked and swam in rivers and hiked to many spectacular waterfalls, the highlight being Viento Fresco, about 11km from Tilaran in north Costa Rica. It has been fun and interesting. Bring on Nicaragua and more adventures.

New blog post – Panama and Cost Rica (31st March 2016)

Tony has sent his latest post describing his adventures in Panama and Cost Rica – read it here.

Country 111 (29th March 2016)

I’m now in Costa Rica, having crossed the land border from Panama on Saturday 26 March. This country 111.

Panama blog post (16th March 2016)

Second blog post from Tony’s trip around Central America – Panama.

ABC Islands blog post (29th February 2016)

Tony has just sent this blog post – ABC Islands

Country 107 (24th February 2016)

Tony is now in Curacao, a small island in the southern Caribbean, sweating in the heat and soaking up the sun. This is country 107.

EDIT: photos added – https://www.tonythetraveller.com/photo-gallery/curacao-february-2016/

New blog post: Visiting the Gulf countries (25th November 2015)

Read it here.

Updates (8th November 2015)

Tony has now visited 102 countries.

He was recently in the Faroe Islands (August), Belarus (October) and Spain (November).

Tony will be in the Middle East for the next few weeks travelling.

Country 100 (11th May 2015)

Tony is now in Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia, country 100.

New blog post: Ambon, Timor and Flores (1st May 2015)

Read it here.

Now in Kuta, Bali (20th April 2015)

Tony now in Kuta, Bali staying with a nice couchsurfer. He recently visited Ambon Island, Kutang in Timore Island, Indonesia, Flores where he visited several towns and climbed two extinct volcanoes and also visited the Komodo dragons, the world’s largest lizard.

New blog post: Back in Papua Indonesia (10th April 2015)

Read it here.

New blog post: More adventures (27th March 2015)

Read it here.

New blog post: Papua New Guinea – continued (21st March 2015)

Read it here.

New blog post: Country 99, Papua New Guinea (9th March 2015)

Read it here.

New blog post: Baliem Valley, Indonesia (3rd March 2015)

Tony’s just sent this blog post: Baliem Valley, Indonesia.

Indonesia (27th February 2015)

Tony is now in Indonesia, his 98th country. After flying from London to Jakarta, with a brief stop in Amsterdam, he relaxed at the wonderful Six Degree Hostel. Tony visited the main square and national monument with three cool Spanish guys he met and ate Nasi Goreng – fried rice. Then he flew to Jayapura, capital of Papua Province – the easternmost part of Indonesia. So the couch surfing has begun! Tony has been staying with a lovely family, his host named Indra. Along with two other nice Papuan guys, Raymond and Edwin, they visited the General Douglas MacArthur Monument (Ifar Gunung). This is where the Americans and Japanese fought in 1944. A beautiful place with good views of the area on the mountains.

Now Tony is in Wamena, capital of Baliem Valley, in the Papua highlands. He is staying with a local guy, Raymond. Visiting villages and exploring the local Dani and culture.

Some photos here.

Update (22nd February 2015)

Tony is now in Indonesia. The trip has begun!

Latest adventure (17th February 2015)

Tony is just about to depart for 3 months of extensive travels in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore. Three months of journeying in the heat, jungles, mountains and volcanoes, islands, along the Equator.

E-book from Kobo (13th January 2015)

Tony’s first book Seeing the World My Way is available as an e-book in EPUB format from the Kobo website. Details here.

It is also still available to purchase as a Kindle e-book from Amazon.co.uk and as a paperback from all good book shops.

Information update (18th November 2014)

The Polish addition of Tony’s first book has sold 1,700 copies in Poland Information and updates on the second travel book to follow soon!

Next adventure (3rd October 2014)

Tony is off to his next adventure: Azerbaijan, country 97!

Women’s Aid SOS Campaign (3rd October 2014)


Last week we had an amazing SOS campaign success when the Labour Party’s Shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper MP, committed to supporting our national network of refuges in her Party Conference Speech. This was directly off the back of the SOS Campaign and an incredible win that we can all share.

This week we took the SOS campaign to the Conservative Party Conference and again had an extremely positive response.

At our Conference fringe event – Women’s Aid in Conversation with the Conservative Party – we updated Maria Miller MP about the SOS campaign and the overwhelming support that has been shown through our online petition. Maria Miller is going to discuss the SOS campaign with her colleagues and help us to secure further conversations with the Conservative Party about protecting our national network of refuges.

We also met with the Chair of the Conservative Women’s Organisation who is very supportive of the SOS campaign and has pledged to see how we can work together to protect our life-saving refuges.

This is fantastic news for the SOS campaign and a huge part of that is down to the amazing support that we have had from you – our petition signatories! These positive meetings and promises will really help us to move the SOS campaign forward with the Conservative Party and brings us closer to securing a commitment from them to protecting our refuges!

‘But, what about the Liberal Democrats?’ we hear you ask.

Well, they are next!

This Saturday marks the start of the Liberal Democrat Party Conference and we are going to be sending them our SOS signals using the hashtag #ldconf14 all week! Please join us, tweet your SOS signals with the #ldconf2014 hashtag. If you have a Liberal Democrat MP please tweet them your SOS signal. We are working on setting up meetings with lots of Liberal Democrat Ministers and MPs so your support is much appreciated!

Please continue to support the SOS campaign through twitter, Facebook and even good old fashioned talking to people about it. We CAN win this.

To keep really up-to-date with the SOS campaign follow us on Twitter @womensaid. Go on.

Best wishes,

Women’s Aid

Fundacja Imago Maris – sailing opportunities for blind and visually impaired people (21st August 2014)

Polish organisation offering sailing opportunities for blind and visually impaired people to participate alongside sighted crew members out at sea on tall sailing ships for an experience of a lifetime.

I has become an honorary patron and support this venture in helping visually impaired people to enjoy the sea and wind and notions of
working on a ship with all the varying experiences it can bring – an amazing opportunity to meet different people, gain greater confidence, improve skills and make friends. I salute this enterprise.

Check out their websites and contact details below:

Fundacja Imago Maris
Telephone: +48 602 350 995
Email: e.skrzecz@imagomaris.eu
Websites: http://www.imagomaris.eu (English) http://www.imagomaris.pl (Polish)

New blog post – Latvia (8th August 2014)

New blog post: https://www.tonythetraveller.com/2014/08/08/latvia/

Update (28th July 2014)

Tony is now in Lithuania dancing in night clubs in Vilnius, the capital city with its many churches and has now travelled by train to Kaunas, the second city and once briefly capital of Lithuania between 1918-1940. Tony also visited the KGB museum in Vilnius – fascinating and terrifying!

Now in Vilnius (25th July 2014)

Tony is now in Vilnius, Lithuania. He travelled from Poland and you can read about his travels there in this new blog post: https://www.tonythetraveller.com/2014/07/25/krakow/.

New blog post (15th July 2014)

New blog post here: https://www.tonythetraveller.com/2014/07/15/travel-update/

Tony in Poland (13th July 2014)

Tony and Tatiana are travelling around Poland promoting his book. Interviews with journalists and TV occurring soon.

Choice Words, AMI-audio, Canada (12th June 2014)

New radio programme on the theme of accessible travel. Includes excerpts from Tony’s book. Highly recommended!

More details on the AMI-audio website.

Listen here:

Back home (12th June 2014)

I’m now safely home in my small seaside apartment in wonderful Devon, UK. I’ve just finished a fascinating and eventful trip through Greece, Turkey, Romania, Ukraine and Republic of Moldova. Some journeys were undertaken with beautiful Tatiana and others were conducted alone. Thank you to all the kind and wonderful people I’ve met for helping make the journey fun and interesting. Thanks for your kindness and friendship along the way. Happy adventures to one and all.
So now it’s a brief rest before it all begins again, this time starting in Berlin, Germany!

Back in Bucharest (9th June 2014)

Now back in Bucharest after a fascinating trip. I’ve visited Chernivtsi, Ukraine, it is also called Cernau in Romania. A historical city about three hours bus ride north-east of Suceava, Romania. After three days there I headed to my 94th country, Republic of Moldova. I stayed in Chisinau, the country’s capital. It’s about a 7-9 hour night bus ride from Chernivtsi. Nice quiet people and little to do or see. Some lovely parks, an orthodox church, a triumphal arch and several bars-restaurants-clubs. I spent one day travelling to a town called Orhiel Vec to visit a historical monastery and church in a cave with a spectacular view of a river. The day was very hot and I was travelling with my backpack. On the climb down I took a wrong turn and walked about 2 km in the wrong direction in countryside along rough road/tracks with small houses and cows, goats and chickens before stopping a passing car whose driver gave me a ride back to the bus stop, where I caught the return bus to Chisinau. Crossing a street to catch a minibus to the large bus station, a bus/truck ran over my stick and bent the end. I was unharmed and continue my journey. Five hours later I was deposited in Iași, Romania (pronounced Yash). The bus driver actually drove along one of the old main streets and dropped me outside my accommodation. Iași is a lively student city and former capital of Romania. It’s on seven hills and the parks are delightful. The main attraction seems to be the Palace of Culture with its museums. A concert seemed to be occurring during my brief visit. I met up with a couple of friends I’d met in Bucharest before catching a night train back to Bucharest. In two days I fly back to England.

Transylvania (2nd June 2014)

After leaving Brașov, I headed to Sighișoara, another historical Saxon town. I stayed in a hotel near the train/bus station although the staff didn’t speak any English! An afternoon was spent exploring the historical citadel with its clock tower, which I climbed. There is also a Germanic church from 1298 and wooden covered stairs which eventually lead to a church on the hill.

My next destination was Cluj. The bus for some reason was gone so I took a very slow and hot train to Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania’s largest city. A university town with large squares and many activities. My first evening was spent with a Dutch backpacker and Larisa, a local girl, sampling the sights and enjoying the evening sun. The following two evenings were spent absorbing local music and entertainment. On my final day, I took a bus to Turda – a historical town with a large salt mine. The mine was used and built between 1690-1930 for mining salt for the Austrian empire. Some of the tunnels are named after Austrian royalty. It was really cool, 12 degrees in the mine and my guide and I descended to a depth of 120 metres (400 feet) during my tour. At the mine’s lowest level is a lake and an island with rides available in plastic canoes. Much of the salt is crystallised and the echo in some of the chambers is tremendous.

After Cluj, I visited Sighetu Marmației near the Ukrainian border. Again a hostel with no English speaking staff. I met some more backpackers and spent a day exploring the city centre, visiting the former prison, now a museum to those who were political prisoners and died during the Communist period. I also briefly visited Eli Weseler’s house, now a museum to the Jews. I then attempted to travel to Suceava, but the only bus of the day was full. Eventually I learnt a night train was available with a change in Salva during the night.

In the early hours of Friday I arrived in Suceava and headed 7 km out in the suburbs to stay at a lovely family run hostel in the countryside. The couple of course spoke no English but were kind and helped me organise a tour to visited the painted monasteries. With rain in the air and mist on the horizon, my guide and I drove around the area visiting four historical 15-16th monasteries, and I had their paintings on both exterior and interior described. Biblical scenes of Jesus on his journey to the crucifixion and resurrection, a last judgement scene, and in one church, the siege of Constantinople in one scene! At last, I boarded a bus and three hours later crossed into Ukraine at the city of Chernivtsi, where I now reside. More to follow later.

Cluj (27th May 2014)

Tony is now in Cluj, northwest Transyvania. He’s next heading west and then north.

Brasov (23rd May 2014)

The Romanian people are some of the loveliest and kindest people I’ve met on my global travels. Despite the occasional asshole, which every country has, the people are generally warm, kind, helpful and generous. I’ve met a lovely family in Brasov. Stephan, who worked at one of the hostels, where I stayed showed me a little of the city, took photos for me and bought me apple pie on more than one occasion. He introduced me to his beautiful Daughter Andrea and wife, Verica. We spent a couple of delightful evenings walking in the park and around the historical areas – chatting, sharing. Fantastic experience. I’ve made true friends. Travelling on a local bus from Brasov to Bran in search of Dracula on another occasion, I met a lovely Romanian man. We fell into conversation and ended up sharing a coffee and he even escorted me around Bran castle, taking photos and explaining some of the exhibits. He was most interested in how a blind man ‘Sees the world’! I’m now in Sighisoara another medieval Saxon town. Soon to head to Cluj, the largest city in Transylvania and a student hub.

Update from Romania (19th May 2014)

After leaving Bucharest, I headed far west on a 12 hour bus journey to Timisoara, in far west Transylvania. I had a lovely three day stay eating ciorba – traditional soup – delicious. Two lovely ladies, one named Andreea and another, Loradana looked after me and Andreea even showed me around some of the university city. I visited the Revolution Museum with a local guy I met on the street and he took photos.

Next I headed to Alba Lulia for a couple of nights, Romania’s largest fortified medieval city. A small apartment style hostel more like a museum with old objects from the Second World War and from the mountains. Now I’m in Sibiu, the best preserved medieval town in Romania. A capital city of culture in 2007. It’s basically a large square surrounded by old buildings dating from the 13th to 19th century. The Liar’s Bridge and Council Tower are the most noticeable buildings of note.

Heading to Brasov tomorrow for 4 days of more history and sightseeing. I am fine and have survived my attack in Bucharest. The Romanian people are lovely helpful and kind.

Travel updates (6th May 2014)

Tony has just visited Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey with Tatiana. They’re now back in Athens. Tony sets off to Romania on Tuesday. This will be his 92nd country. He intends to also visit Ukraine and Moldova on this trip and will be back in UK after 12th June.

Back in England (26th March 2014)

Tony is now back in England after travels in Cyprus with Tatiana and Spain, Andorra, France and Monaco by himself.

Tony plans to team up with his girlfriend Tatiana at end of April and head to Turkey together.

Update (4th January 2014)

Tony is now in Athens, Greece until 29th January.

Ethiopia to Kenya (13th December 2013)

Tony has very recently crossed into Ethiopia at the border with Kenya. It was a difficult and somewhat dangerous crossing, what with a tribal conflict occurring at the Kenyan side and Tony and other travellers having to use illegal transport and mountain tracks to enter Ethiopia. This is Tony’s 88th country visited.

New blog post (25th November 2013)

Read Tony’s latest blog post from Kenya here.

Update from Jinja, Uganda (13th November 2013)

Tony is now in Jinja, Uganda, the activity capital of East Africa. Before Jinja he was in Kampala, Uganda’s capital. He visited an orphanage and bought beans and posho to make porridge, for 600 kids! Tony has just bungee jumped into the River Nile and got his head wet! 44 metres, 145 feet bungee over the worlds longest river. The day before, Tony and Meddy, a lovely young guy from Jinja visited the source of the Nile, where it meets Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake. Tony is heading to Nkuru, Kenya tomorrow.

Photos added HERE.

Uganda, country 86 (7th November 2013)

Tony is now in Uganda, country 86. After entering into Kisoro from Rwanda, he’s visited the Rwensori Mountains where he camped for 2 nights and did a day hike. Then he visited Queen Elizabeth National Park for a boat ride with hippos, crocodiles and buffalo for company! Tony has just arrived in Fort Portal and is going to Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve on Enfusi Community Campsite.

Rwanda (2nd November 2013)

Tony has just left Rwanda after five wonderful days in that gentle country. He is now in Kisoro, far western Uganda. He is about to head into the mountains.

Tony spent a couple of days in Gitarama, south central Rwanda and did a Azizi Life Experience Tour. This is where you visit a local village and do chores, which the local women – who are weavers by trade – do every day. Tony cut grass to feed a cow, houghed in a coffee planted field, helped collect water and in the afternoon, made his own bracelet with the string of an Imigwegwe plant. Next he headed to Kigali, Rwanda’s capital where he couch surfed and visited the Genocide war memorial to the Rwandan 1994 genocide. There many different gardens of remembrance, a very moving place. Lastly, Tony spent a night with a lovely local family in Musanze, and visited the large caves.

Update (28th October 2013)

Tony is now in Gitarama (Muhanga) Rwanda, East Africa.

He has just spent 3 interesting days in Burundi.

These are two small former Belgium colonies, now independent countries in East Africa. They are located between Tanzania, DRC and Uganda.

Tony at Lake Tanganyika (20th October 2013)

Tony is now on Lake Tanganyika at Lake Shore Lodge, very near Kipili Village. A very remote place. He crossed Tanzania east to west and arrived on Friday 18th October. He leaves for the north on Monday. Next country will be Burundi.

Tanzania (12th October 2013)

Tony is now in Morogoro, central Tanzania. Read his latest blog here.

Travels in Africa (5th October 2013)

Tony landed in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania on Wednesday 26th September. He’ll be travelling around Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia. He returns to the UK on 12th December. He can be contacted via this website or by Facebook whilst travelling. Follow blog updates very soon.

Update (4th September 2013)

Tony is off to the Greek Ionian Islands and southern Italy with Tatiana for three weeks.

Tony in Greece (5th June 2013)

Tony and Tatiana are in Athens Greece. They’ve just visited the Cyclade islands of Tinos and Andros – very relaxing and tranquil. They’re close to Athens by ferry.

DAISY Planet article (3rd June 2013)

The May edition of the DAISY Planet newsletter features Tony’s story. Read it here.

Updates from Tony (15th May 2013)

Tony has now visited 82 countries/nations. Tony and Tatiana recently explored the Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey in the English Channel. The islands are independent from the United Kingdom and have been since 1204.

Tony and Tatiana spent a lovely weekend in the beautiful Greek island of Santorini from 18-21st April. They are now back in Athens, Greece.

Tony is continuing to edit his second travel book.

Eyes On Success interview (15th May 2013)

Listen to a new 25-minute interview with Tony. It was recorded for the Eyes On Success radio programme. The show is based in the US and is targeted at visually impaired/blind people. The interview took place in late December and it was broadcast recently.

Download or listen at the following MP3 link: Eyes On Success show #1319
Visit the Eyes On Success website for more information.

Update (12th April 2013)

Tony is now in Athens Greece.

Excellent review of ‘Seeing the World My Way’ (27th February 2013)

(5 stars)

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

I’m not a huge fan of biographies, so when I was approached to review this one, I was somewhat reluctant. However, I thought to myself, “Why not try something different, and keep an open mind.” So that’s what I did, and I am very happy to report that I absolutely loved this story!

Usually, I find biographies extremely boring. However, I found myself completely transfixed by this amazing person and his exploits. I even forgot that Tony Giles has a hearing and sight disability. To travel the world on your own takes guts, and I’m ashamed to say I don’t have any. However, Tony Giles seems to have a thirst for adventure, and is willing to take a chance to experience life to the fullest. His descriptions of places and events are extremely vivid, and I could easily see him as he travelled through America, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand. I could tell that he loves history, and has a keen interest in warfare. This comes through his various visits to war museums and his descriptions of various war machines during his travels. He also is a bit of an adrenalin junkie. He made me feel exhausted with all the activities he had planned, and participated in! His descriptions of the countries, and places within them, made me want to go visit them.

Tony Giles has written an amazing account of his travels. I have nothing but the utmost respect for him. I wish him all the best for any future travels he has planned, and hope he gets to visit some of the places he still wants to go to.

I highly recommend this book to everyone, even if you don’t like biographies, because this is one person who has inspired me to try something different. I’m going to try to be a bit more adventurous in the future, and take a chance to do something I have always wanted to do – take a trip on a cruise ship to see the Northern Lights. – Lynn Worton

Source: Amazon.co.uk

Update (8th January 2013)

Tony arrived in Athens, Greece on 24th December 2012. Just returned from 10 days in Italy; visiting Rome, Naples and Florence with Tatiana.

New blog post (28th December 2012)

Tony returned from South America on 21st December. You can read the final blog post of his trip here.

Tony’s in central Colombia heading for Ecuador (14th December 2012)

I am now in the small delightful town of Guatape near Medellin in central Colombia. I travelled here from Cartagena. It’s much cooler as I am again in the Andes. I am heading to Manazales today. I am making my way to Ecuador and hope to be in Quito for 17 December.

‘Seeing the World My Way’ audio book (14th December 2012)

Tony’s book ‘Seeing the World My Way’ is now available from the RNIB on audio disk as a DAISY recording.

Blog update from Colombia (3rd December 2012)

Read Tony’s latest blog here. More adventures! Paragliding in Merida, Venezuela and then bungee jumping in San Gil, Colombia.

Blog latest (28th November 2012)

Read Tony’s latest blog post about his travels in Guyana and Venezuela here.

Update from Tony (26th November 2012)

I’m about to take a night bus to Coro on the north coast of Venezuela. I should be in Coro sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Canaima National Park photo:
Tony at the Angel Falls view point after hiking and climbing 750 metres accompanied by a local guide. This the world's highest waterfall. It is at present about 75 percent full as it is the dry season in Venezuela.Tony at the Angel Falls view point after hiking and climbing 750 metres accompanied by a local guide. This the world’s highest waterfall. It is at present about 75 percent full as it is the dry season in Venezuela. Taken on the evening of 23rd November.

More recent photos here.

Tony in Guyana (19th November 2012)

I am now in Annai, an Amerindian village in the middle of British Guyana. I am staying at a wonderful eco-lodge named Rock View Lodge. I leave early tomorrow morning and head to Boa Vista, Brazil. More about Rock View and its wonderful people and nature to follow later.

Update from Tony (14th November 2012)

I’m at present in Georgetown, capital of Guyana, in the north part of South America. It’s on the Atlantic Ocean. I’ve been travelling for two weeks having set off on 1st November. I’ve visited Paramaribo, capital of Suriname, and also visited a couple of jungle villages in the rainforest. I then headed to Cayenne, capital of French Guiana.

I am couch surfing around and using public buses/shared mini-buses. It’s good fun, people are kind and friendly. It’s very hot. I touched spiders webs, maggots, termites, and many different plants and trees in the rainforest. I visited both a Maroon village, people from former slaves who ran away into the jungle, and a Amer-indian village deeper in the forest. The Maroon people are friendly and sociable, the Amer-Indians are less so and more shy. French Guiana was difficult, as there less English is spoken, and Cayenne has no real centre. I visited a Sloth animal sanctuary, where I held a sloth! Their fur feels like a cat’s. They cling to you and are as heavy as a human baby!

Georgetown is extremely hot. I’ve not explored yet, but spent most of the day in the National Centre for disabilities. The people are most friendly and kind. I next head into Guyana’s interior to a lodge near Annai village. Later I go to Brazil.

Updates from Tony (1st June 2012)

Tony visited friends in Hartlepool north-east England between 3rd and 6th June. He visited a historic sailing ship and drove a Thundercat inflatable boat and had fun! Photos to be added shortly.

Tony also sold 20 signed copies of Seeing the World My Way at Waterstones in Abergaveny on Saturday 9th June.

Tony goes back to Greece on Monday 11th June to be with his love Tatiana. Tony, Tatiana plus two ladies from Kentucky, America, who are also visually impaired, will explore Athens, travel around Paris and visit sites in Teignmouth and London. Tony is back in the UK after 7th July.