Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, February-April 2015

Papua New Guinea, March 2015

Filmed on the outskirts of Vanimo town, up in the hills of Saundown Province, Papua New Guinea. Local kids of the neighbourhood escorting Tony back to Mr Wasa’s House – the local couch surfer Tony stayed with. Mr Wasa is making the video and Tony is carrying rice and beans for the evening meal. 23rd March 2015.

Indonesia, February-April 2015

Trail to Napua Waterfall, Baliem Valley, Indonesia. Raymond and Tony walked through a forest and crossed a cold river barefoot to reach this wonderful waterfall. February 2015.


Two videos taken on the volcanic island of Ternate, North Maluku Islands, Indonesia. This was some kind of spiritual ceremony, which is performed annually. A large crowd of locals, some of them dancing. In the first video the music is mostly drums, while the second is more traditional and Islamic. 30th March 2015.

Ternate was once an important island in east Indonesia. It was a strong Sultanate and part of the famous ‘Spice Islands’. Today the island is less important to Indonesia and mainly visited by a small number of international tourists. The island is dominated by a huge volcano, which rises steeply and is still active.

This was Tony’s best traditional cultural and musical experience in Indonesia. He discovered the event by chance when exploring an old fortress built by the Dutch.



Three videos filmed at Oenesu Waterfall, Kupang, Indonesia. 7th April 2015.


Two videos of a waterfall in Moni Village at the foot of Mount Kilimutu, Flores Island, Indonesia. Tony is with an Indonesian lady from Maumere named Nur, who he stayed with through couchsurfing. 10th April 2015.

Short video of a small fountain filmed at the pilgrimage Hindu temple Pura Tanah Lot, located on Tanah Lot: a rock off the west coast of Bali, Indonesia. A jet of water is turning a wheel, which makes a metallic tinkling sound. 18th April 2015.

Sea view from cliffs at Pura Luhur Uluwatu temple. Located on the southern tip of Bali, Indonesia. Deep blue coloured sea. Sound of waves crashing on rocks below. 20th April 2015.

Goa Gajah temple (“Elephant Cave”), Ubud, central Bali. A pool of water, part of the Bathing temple. At the back, three stone figures with water flowing from vessels they are holding. Fish in the water. 21st April 2015.

Taken in the grounds/area of the temple Goa Gajah (“Elephant Cave”), Ubud, central Bali. Tony talking with local Balinese guy, Andi, who Tony stayed with in Kuta, Bali. Water flowing over rocks. Surrounding vegetation and moss covered boulders. 21st April 2015.

Munduk Waterfall, central Bali. A single fast flowing cascade of water crashing down. Surrounding lush vegetation including ferns. 23rd April 2015.



Tawangmangu Waterfall, near Solo, central Java. This impressive waterfall is reached from Solo, first by bus, then by motorbike taxi. A powerful cascade of water, crashing over a high overhanging cliff. Lots of people, mostly local kids, wondering about on
the rocks in front.

The Green School, Central Bali. Friday, 24th April 2015.

The Green School is a world famous school, renowned for offering an alternative more environmental and open-minded education to children of international backgrounds. Some scholarships are offered to children from Indonesia.

Tony with a group of children from various countries. The children are aged between 6 and 8. The group activity involves repeating by hand the rhythm clapped by the teacher.

Children singing Blowing in the Wind by Bob Dylan, whilst the teacher plays the guitar.

Tony playing drum kit to the children and music teacher and other staff.

Children banging/playing musical instruments to create rhythm.