Tony with Flamingos

Tony is just outside Walvis Bay on Namibia’s Atlantic coast and is surrounded by thousands of pink flamingos; large birds with long legs and necks. They seem to be eating small fish or insects in the mud of the lagoon. The voice heard on the video is Tony and his local taxi driver and friend, Max, who Tony met previously on his trip to the Cape Cross Seal Colony. Video taken on Thursday,

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Quad biking in Namibia

Tony is on the back of a quad bike, being driven up and down the sand dunes of the mighty Namib Desert, just outside the small tourist town of Swakopmund, on the mid Atlantic coast of Namibia, Southern Africa. Taken on Saturday, 10th December 2022.

See the awesome sight of sand dunes in the background and sand flying everywhere. Tony is sat on the back, holding on for dear life as he is driven at high speed through these amazing sand hills.

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Tony standing at the Mouth of Hell

Tony is standing at the Mouth of Hell (Boca do Inferno) in the south part of São Tomé island. Sea waves enter an underwater cave on the south side of São Tomé island and, with nowhere to go, shoot straight up through a large natural hole in the volcanic rock. The sound and sight is tremendous, as this video clearly shows. One of many reasons to visit beautiful São Tomé.

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Tony in Yerevan

Tony is with his lovely Armenian tour guide and friend, Hasmik Babalaryan, with a beautiful fountain in Republic Square (Hanrapetut′yan hraparak, known locally as Hraparak, “the square”), centre of Yerevan, capital of Armenia. This video was made on afternoon of 24th October 2022 – Tony’s last day in Armenia after he visited to attend and speak at the Extraordinary Travel Festival that occurred in Yerevan between 14th-16th October 2022.

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Tony in North Armenia

Hi everyone. Hope this finds people well, busy, keeping warm and not struggling too much. I hear times are tough. Especially in the UK, with Prime Ministers and cabinets constantly coming and going like there’s no tomorrow! What a bloody mess! Anyway: I’m in North Armenia, now in the small city of Dilijan in a nice, small guesthouse with kind staff. Not much English however, and I’m not exactly sure where I am!

I’ve spent the past week in wonderful Yerevan at the Extraordinary Travel Festival;

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