Tony in Damascus

Tony enjoying traditional live music in Damascus, Syria! Tony is on a group tour of Syria with other like-minded travellers. On their first evening in Damascus, Syria’s capital and lively city, Tony and his group heard this traditional dance and music by several local men. The sound and sight was amazing, as you are about to hear and see.

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Tony feeding Llamas and Alpacas near Cuzco, Peru

Tony feeding a Llama, a four-legged, long-necked, hairy animal, native to Peru. They live in the Andes Mountains and are herbivorous, meaning they eat plant material, as seen in this video. They are related to Alpacas, who live in the same region and are also herbivorous. Tony met and fed these Llamas during his recent adventures near Cuzco, Peru, just before attempting to hike the Inca trail to Machu Picchu,

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Tony in Sarajevo

Tony is on a cable car going up a mountain on the south side of Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on a lovely sunny day. The cable car ride is very peaceful. Tony is alone in the small windowed cabin. The scenery must be fantastic, but Tony can’t see it, so, he’s just enjoying the quiet ride!

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Manneken Pis video

Tony at the Manneken Pis monument in Brussels, capital of Belgium, on a sunny evening in July. He is with his travel partner, Tatiana. They are enjoying the gentle sound of the little boy pissing!

Flowing water from the boy’s penis! A famous monument and statue in Brussels, it has been in Belgium’s capital from at least the 16th century and, possibly, before. Manneken Pis is so famous,

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Videos in Cameroon

Tony admiring Lobé Falls.

Tony in a small wooden motorised boat on the Lobé River admiring Lobé Falls (Les Chutes de La Lobe), a large waterfall just south of Kribi, Cameroon.

Tara Beach, Kribi, Cameroon.

Tony is listening to the crashing waves roll in on Tara Beach in the seaside town of Kribi in south Cameroon on a warm evening.

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