Tony on American blind guy’s Youtube channel

Hey everyone who follows this page. I wanted to share this: Today I did an interview about travelling blind on Anthony Parker’s Youtube channel, blind host and musician from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We talked about travelling blind. Check it out here. Have a great day, evening and night. Thanks, Tony :). Who is Tony Giles, The Blind Traveller?
— Tony Giles blind solo traveller and public speaker. Author of new eBook: Seeing a Slice of Southern Africa My Way ISBN 9781839781544 I’m Fund raising for Galloway’s Society for the Blind,

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Latest travel update.

I’ve just returned from two wonderful weeks of travelling around part of Denmark with my beautiful Greek girlfriend, Tatiana – who is also totally blind. We had a fantastic time visiting various places in Copenhagen, Denmark’s chaotic and relaxed Capital before visiting other historical cities. This included Helsingor at the top of the island of Zealand, with its wonderful (Hamlet) Kronborg Castle – a UNESCO Site. A short train journey took us to Roskild with it’s famous Viking Ship Museum,

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Tony on the Tell Me Where to Go Podcast

Tony on the Super Seven Series of the Tell Me Where to Go Podcast with
Steve Collins, Travel Correspondent/Podcast Producer & Presenter,
Perth, Australia.

Available from these websites:

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