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Hi, I hope this finds you all, my lovely fans and followers, well on this cold, windy UK Monday, 26 April 2021! I’m fine thanks, keeping busy. As many of you know, I love travelling, it’s my passion and as soon as the UK government allow us to start flying again I plan to head to Greece to see my beloved. I also want to go and visit many more wonderful and fascinating countries, like Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, the Solomon Islands, etc. However, at present, the world is still in Covid crisis. What is happening in India is shocking and sad. I’m not sure what the governments of other nations, like the UK, the USA and the European Union are doing to help, but something needs to be done, and quickly. It’s fantastic that the vaccine roll-out is continuing in the UK and at such a pace, but unless every country in the world gets vaccinated, the virus will continue to be a threat and disrupt our way of life. The rich countries need to support and help the poorer nations. It’s easy to say we should help ourselves first, but if we don’t vaccine the entire world and encourage people in countries that lack the education and medical infrastructures, the world will become a poorer place and global travel will be somewhat limited. Sorry to send a negative message. I simply want people to be aware and think of those who are living in more difficult countries and situations.
On a lighter note, see below for two links to a recent podcast chat I did with two fellow blind and partially deaf friends, Jamie and John. Enjoy the chat. Stay safe and have a wonderful, productive week, Tony :). Author of travel eBook: Seeing a Slice of Southern Africa My Way.
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New Year Notice

Deer travellers and followers. Happy New Year. I hope this finds you all well and you had a nice and/or productive Xmas. I’m fine thanks, keeping busy! Please find below a link to a podcast I participated in just before Xmas 2020 alongside 5 other travellers. The idea being, six questions to six people from six continents. I represented Europe! The interviewer was Tony Lloyd from El Cafecito Restaurant Bar Hostel in Ecuador – a traveller, hostel owner and travel podcast host. The subject was: Holiday Special in conjunction with a radio station in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Check it out here: #40 Mike FM Holiday Travel Special 1 of 2
If that doesn’t work, it’s also available on Google Podcasts:
This is the link to the Spanish page of the podcast. The interviews are in English, but website is in Spanish.

My new travel eBook: Seeing a Slice of Southern Africa My Way should be out on all eBook websites any day now. Stay safe, have a wonderful day and week, cheers, Tony 😊. Hoping for more travel adventures this year 😊.

A little inspiration

Hi, I thought I’d post this for anyone needing a little inspiration in the strange and difficult time: My TEDx Talk in Vienna, October 2017. Enjoy :).

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Be safe and have a wonderful Day, Tony My third travel eBook: Seeing a Slice of Southern Africa My Way, will be out very soon.

Travel decisions!

Dear followers, hope all’s well. All’s quiet on the Devon front! :) Relaxing in the heat and attempting to work out where to travel next. Uzbekistan? Barbados? South East Asia? Marshall Islands? Each time I consider a location, Covid 19 virus gets in the way! I realise this virus is effecting peoples lives directly, but travelling is my life, it’s what I do! Plus, many countries need tourists to support their economies. It’s a difficult balance. Was reading an article this morning about the ancient town of Hi in Vietnam. It’s now a ghost town again after a second wave of Covid outbreak occurred in the nearby city of Da Nang on 31st July. Vietnam has been fairly successful in containing the spread of the virus. But this possible second wave may, even, hit this country’s social and economic situation badly. I’ve travelled in a small part of Nam, a wonderful country with friendly people and delicious food. Hope to return there one day soon. Have a wonderful weekend. Be safe, Tony :). My brief adventures in Vietnam are to be found in my first travel Ebook: *Seeing The World My Way* A totally blind and partially deaf guy’s global adventures (2010, repub 2016) Second edition is available from all Ebook sites. Amazon – Apple Books: › book › seeing-the-world-my-way
Cheers, Tony :)
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Beirut Explosion

My thoughts are with the incredible people of Beirut and Lebanon. An amazing country and city. What a travesty! I remember my ten days in that fascinating country and, in particular, Beirut with fondness :). Hospitable, emotional people, tasty food, lively cafes, crumbling streets, a diversity of colourfully dressed people, crazy traffic and such a vibrant city and society. To me, Beirut felt like a nightclub in a building site! Walking around that chaotic metropolis, blind, was a fun and interesting challenge! So sad to learn what has happened to Lebanon in recent times and now this idiotic, devastating, destructive explosion. I send out my thoughts and strength to the people of Beirut and Lebanon. We have to all try and help where we can. Cheers, have a good and thoughtful day. Tony.